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*New Gallery - Opening late April.

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Born & raised in Canada, Andy has been creating art in Squamish & Whistler since 2004.

Thank you for visiting. These are Andy's favourite paintings from the last 20 years. He started selling his paintings more consistently at local artisan markets in Whistler and Squamish about 12 years ago. Now he sells everything he paints.

Prior to that, he had always been an artist, he just never knew how to turn it into a business. Turns out the answer was hard work. Since then, he has built the business into a small gallery in Squamish. A few times a year, He releases a new collection of work. Andy's signature style & influence is a recognizable part of the Sea to Sky, & his paintings have found homes all over the world. He is continually thankful to all those who have supported him along the way. "The art wouldn't be the same without the support my audience gives me"

He sells everything he paints, and has created over 400 unique images thus far. Andy's studio has been in Squamish since 2006.

Contact Andy for a custom original painting or to visit the studio/gallery. His main business is selling original art, however most sell while still in progress during studio visits.

Some select images have a small hand detailed canvas print run. These are very limited in #'s and soon will go to a print drop system, where only some stuff will be released, 1 or 2 times a year.

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